Tuesday, November 11, 2008



Day 1
I chose to observe and participate in a blog about celebrity gossip. I chose this topic for a few reasons. I know that although there are so many more important topics out there, celebrity gossip is sort of a guilty pleasure for many. I knew that the topics would be up to date, and that people would have a lot to say. Yahoo blogs has a section called Crush, where the main focus is “Hollywood’s next generation”. Users have the opportunity to catch up on all the latest gossip around their favorite celebrities and comment on the stories they read. I noticed in my observations the tension surrounding people whose comments do not agree with each other or the author of the blog. This blog in particular has pictures of the content of the blog. For example on November 4th, 2008, a blog praising celebrity Chris Brown also displayed the music video that was discussed for all to see. The blog was written by Sydney, however, there was no last name. I wonder if the semi anonymous author is a policy by the company, or if the bloggers are had higher hopes in the journalism field and are ashamed of the meaningless topics they write about.


A blog revolved around the breakup of two young celebrities, Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas gave fans the chance to take the side of their favorite celebrity. Some users even used it as an opportunity to comment and share their own similar experiences, perhaps using the blog as an outlet to vent.

Day 3
This particular blog was about an appearance of Lauren Conrad on the David Letterman show. There were several responses to the blog. People took the chance to get their opinions of her out there, as well as their opinions on how well she did on the show. I menitoned that I thought she looked beautiful and did a great job on the show and was backlashed at by one other commenter. I guess that person is not a fan of Laurens. I'm noticing a similar trend in all the blogging for this particular site. The articles are very similar to that of a tabloid magazine, even the layout is similar. There are short stories, then pictures to support. The only difference that I notice is that there is the opportunity to include multimedia, such as video, where in a magaizine there is not. There is not room for readers to directly comment back to the author of the blog in a magaizine, like people can here.

Day 4
I chose to follow this blog because I thought I might find the topics discussed interesting, but aside from a few stories, I was wrong. People are commenting about the celebrities being written about, and that’s pretty much it. There are minor areas where people attack each other due to disagreements in comments, but nothing too serious. One trend that I noticed is the audience the commenter’s are writing for. It often sounds as if they think the person the blog is about will see what they wrote. There is the slight possibility that the particular celebrity happens to follow this particular blog, but I’m guessing the chances aren’t too likely.

Unknown: u bloggers need to get a lifee.....just cause he's wearing boots does not confirm that he's gay..it may just be the style of the clothing he enjoys to wear

percia1999 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kevin. I hope you had a nice party and a good day. once again happy birthday kevin. Say hi to your brothers if you see this comment. thank you percia1999

Day 5
Country music artist, Taylor Swift, seems to be a hot topic on this blog. The blogger talks about how she doesn’t like her as an artist. Fans then respond back, as expected. Some protected her, and others agreed with the author. Some of the comments were harsh or could be considered by others to be brutally honest.

le_gal50 : Taylor Swift has no talent. Period. Her songs are full of high school angst. Her whiney little girl voice is repulsive. I seriously want to blow my brains out every time that talentless twit wins an award. She needs to take her high school drama to the appropriate venue -- High School Musical.

In response to above quote:
justme :Could anyone be more mean?

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